French SEO Company

SEO, also called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, then became the ally of any company that wants to develop its visibility on Google. With the primary objective of propelling a website into the top Google results, SEO is one of the digital strategies that promises the best return on investment. Smart Web Group is a web agency based in Cannes and specialized in SEO, the agency assists you in the establishment and implementation of your french SEO strategies

SEO: definition and interest

SEO refers to the different strategies adopted to make a website appear among the first results that are displayed when a user searches on Google. SEO reinforces the credibility of your company and allows to develop an additional turnover on behalf of the company. Google plays an essential role in the consumer buying process. In addition to the fact that online shopping is increasing every day, consumers also use the Internet to get an idea of a product or service before buying it, which is why it is important not to leave anything to chance about the Internet. 

SEO Google strategies

Ensuring its online reputation and positioning itself among the top Google results are the objectives of the SEO SmartWeb Group agency in Cannes. Specialized in french SEO strategies, we implement all possible strategies to achieve our objectives: strengthen your credibility, develop your visibility and thus develop your turnover. Generally, SEO is based on technical and editorial strategies that we take care to adapt to each company.

Your SEO with SmartWeb Group

To take control of your SEO, we follow several steps. First of all, it is necessary to carry out an SEO audit. This analysis makes it possible to identify the strategies to be implemented as part of your SEO. Then, an action plan is drawn up over 6 or 12 months. The main objective of the strategy is often to improve the user experience. Then, we take the optimization of your off-site presence (e-reputation, social networks…). We take charge of applying customized strategies according to your needs, your activity and your sector of activity. And finally, we tackle local SEO by optimizing your Google My Business listing.