Airbnb Concierge Cannes

Our Airbnb concierge service offers a wide selection of seasonal rentals in Cannes. For the owners we take care of maximising your rent incomes and are in charge of all the logistics related to the rental. We take care of a large range of apartments and villas in Cannes, helping the owners to turn their accomodation in a real source of revenue.

Host your tenants safely

Airbnb IMMOGROOM agency
provides a singular offer: Instead of renting your apartment on a year time period, rent a furnished accomodation during the seasonal period and maximize your rent incomes. With our Airbnb agency in Cannes, you can follow all your rent incomes online ! Whether it is an apartment or a villa, increase your incomes up to more than 50% by renting your apartment or villa on seasonal times, during for example the international film Festival, the Yachting Festival or the Mipim.

For a rent on a short period, our unique rental management service takes care of all the formalities: cleaning, visits, signing of the rental contract ect… Using our expertise and our real estate experience, we optimize your real estate advertisement, the price and its occupancy rate to maximize your rental incomes.

We fully take care of the management of your accommodation on Airbnb, you will find your property in the same state you left it. From the price valuation of the rental according to the periods to the posting of the ads online, via the visits follow-up, the cleaning, the laundry, the places maintenance and even more tasks that are related to the rental. 

The only thing you need to do is to relax, while your revenues increases and your tenants are satisfied.

Concierge service “a la carte” for your tenants

Whether you want to rent out your accommodation while you are away or you have an unoccupied apartment or villa in Cannes, our seasonal rental management service is designed to be adaptable to your expectations and requirements. You can choose the dates for which you want to rent out your property, you will find your accommodation in the same state you left it.

The democratisation of the “Airbnb” concept facilitated the short time period rents in Cannes. However, furnished rentals represents a high workload. Indeed, the welcoming of the guests can sometimes be unpredictable like a delay due to transports, a communication problem or a last minute cancellation…

It is in this perspective, sometimes uncertain, changing and unpredictable that we operate and we take care of all the formalities related to the rent of your apartment or villa in Cannes. Finally, our team knows very well Cannes and it’s surroundings, consequently our Airbnb conciergerie is the perfect service to provide best advices on the different activities, restaurants or informations on local specialities that you can discover.